Donnerstag, 8. Februar 2007

Singapurer Taximonolog.

„Where you go? Ah... Upper Thomson Rd. Upper Thomson, yes? Why you go? You here for work? I see, I see, yes, good, quite ok lah, the place. Good food there lah, I show you some shops, Roti Prata you like? Yes? Very good there, I show you. Upper Thomson yes, ok , never mind. How old you are? 29? I'm 51. 29, 51, never mind, ok, lah. No family? Parents, yes, fadr, madr, yes, important, you still have? Good good, nevermind, ok, here see, Roti Prata, veeeery good, food, see, try, come and try, very good lah. Ok. Bye bye.“